關於 B.A.M.S

You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one

B.A.M.S. - Build A Music School 致力與緬甸本地人一起尋夢及合作,計劃於景棟建立首間音樂學校,藉此幫助當地對音樂有熱誠的兒童及少年人(特別是OASIS孤兒院的小朋友)受到音樂訓練,向夢想出發,並能自力更新。

Angel C, B.A.M.S.創辦人


B.A.M.S. (Build A Music School) is a non-profit, charitable project, aiming to partner with local Burmese community to build the first music school in Keng Tung. Nurturing the teenagers and young adults (especially the kids from OASIS Orphanage House) through music training, BAMS helps them to pursuit their dreams and offers them one more option in their future.

Angel C, Founder of B.A.M.S.
An ordinary HK girl, christian, decided to start her adventure- a voluntary work in a lovely place called Keng Tung after striving hard in her career in HK. Finally she found a peaceful land and plans to build a music school there.